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10 Minority languages to the World

Dedicated websites for 10 different mother tongues are almost ready to be released

  • “Your language is not a real, developed language.”

  • “If you want to study, you should learn the state language.”

  • “You cannot develop if you will use only your language!”

These are messages minority language speakers keep hearing, daily!


Our hope

  • That the communities will start using their language with pride

  • That the outside world will view them and their languages with respect

Screenshot of Dhundari (Rajasthan) language website


Screenshot of Mewari (Rajasthan) language website

This is a huge leap for all these language communities. Their website will host different types of content – stories, poems, hymns, folklore, puzzles, jokes and so on … all in their mother tongue! These pages displayed on the internet will be available for the entire world to see and access, for the first time!

This will be just one small step toward encouraging these language speakers and especially their younger generation, to proudly start using their language in public space.

We in Nirmaan believe differently! We tell them, “Your language is your historical and cultural heritage! Preserve it with pride!”

We plan to display their languages to the entire world, through dedicated websites for their language and literature!

The release date for 10 different language spoken in Rajasthan is the 5th of October, 2020.

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