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The South-Indian state of Tamil Nadu is of momentous literary and historical import. Tamil, the language of the state, is one of the oldest surviving classical languages. A large state, Tamil Nadu shares a border with Karnataka, Kerala and Andhra Pradesh. Famous locations include Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Kodaikanal and Madurai.

Tamil Nadu is home to more than seven crore, with about eight lakh that represent the marginalised language communities. Literacy rates among these stands at around 54%, with a disparity of around 15%, with males more likely to be literate.

Nirmaan is engaged with one minority language community within this state.


The Moundaden Chetti people number approximately six thousand and make their home in the Nilgris district of Tamil Nadu, while others live over the border in Kerala. 

Historically the Moundaden Chetti cultivate the land to make their living, a practice they continue to this day. Their main crops include Rice, Tea, Coffee, Plantain, Ginger and Pepper. Those who are not actively involved in agriculture find work either as daily labourers or as workers in nearby plantations. Others are involved in animal husbandry, another traditional practice.


Language development through literacy and dictionary development is progressing. In addition, a project for helping the community to develop their capacity for agriculture is also progressing.

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