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Nirmaan was founded in 2008 as a response to the realisation that a number of communities, who spoke their own unique languages are spread all across India. Although, information of such communities is sometimes featured within the public sphere, it was evident that little was being done to recognise their languages and empower them. Therefore, Nirmaan undertook research among a few of these language communities, and noticed a pattern - when a community’s language is different from that of the state language, their development is generally limited. We also found that they were often segregated from the mainstream of society. They had also developed an attitude of dependence on various government schemes and policies for their continued sustenance.

While engaged in research, we were constantly challenged by members of these communities to help them develop. They were vocal in expressing their plight by showing us the difficulties they had in securing for their daily needs, obtaining quality education and maintaining a holistic lifestyle. We realised that the key to their development lay within their language; a tool that shaped their world view and culture. We could employ this tool to ensure and empower their development.


A just and equal society where marginalised language communities realise their fullest potential.


To assist marginalised language communities in securing a wholistic, dignified and self-sustainable quality of life, by empowering their development.



Nirmaan serves marginalised language communities without an ulterior motive. We seek to empower in a self-sacrificing manner.


We value integrity and honesty by faithfully abiding by our mission and vision. Commitment and transparency are attributes we cherish and seek to embrace at all times.


We seek to employ the resources entrusted to Nirmaan in a diligent and responsible manner, to the full benefit of marginalised language communities.

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